Finding the right Come Follow Me Resources

Finding the right Come Follow Me Resources

There are so many fantastic Come Follow Me Resources out there for you to use to help teach your children the gospel. There are books, journals, study guides, manuals, subscriptions, printable and the list goes on. 

I love finding new resources to use with my family, but there are a few things I look for so I don’t end up wasting money.

Here are 4 tips for finding and using the right resources.

1. Make sure they are ages appropriate. Research has given us a generalised rule of thumb when it comes to our children’s attention span and that is, their age +1. So if they are 5 your looking at having their attention on a learning activity for about 6mins. Not very long huh! Research does suggest however that they can hold attention longer for things they are interested and engaged in, so making the learning activity fun and engaging will help your child stay focused for longer.

2. Choose a resource that is actually helpful to you and your families needs. There is no need to subscribe to a membership that only provides you will colouring in’s if you really need help structuring a lesson. Before you sign up for a subscription ask yourself, “Am I actually going to use this?” Most subscriptions are pretty easily cancelled so you can always give it a try for a month and see if it works for you. Just be aware of when the monthly payments come out and set a reminder in your calendar to remind you before the next payment comes out so you can cancel it if you aren’t using it before you pay for another month. 

3. When choosing a resource I try and choose one that is open ended and gives room for the spirit. I personalise try and find resources that give ideas and activities rather than step by step lesson plans. Although it may allow you to just print it off and be ready to go, it may take away from you relying on the spirit and what your family really needs. Having said that, if step by step is what you need for your circumstance, there are some really fantastic step by step come follow me lesson plan styled resources out there.

4. If your going to spend time cutting, gluing, colouring and laminating resources, make it so that you can keep it. Make it reusable and store it so you can use it later for a Primary Lesson or Family night activity.

The key is to work smarter not harder. Adding resources to your kit is suppose to make it easier for you not give you more time consuming job. We all have enough of them already. If you follow these few tips you’ll be able to help your family, especially your children, feel the spirit and watch their testimonies grow through meaningful, engaging gospel centred activities. Which is what Come Follow Me is all about. It’s not about who has the best resources or how extravagant your lessons are, its about making your children engaged in the learning so that the spirit can do the rest.  



Kelli-Anne Gourley

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