Come Follow Me Lesson Ideas and Resources

Come Follow Me Lesson Ideas and Resources

What a way to start the year off. I mean it's probably unrighteous to have a favourite set of scriptures he he, but the Book of Mormon is definitely mine. I'm sure that its more than a coincidence that the Book of Mormon is an easier read than most of the other scriptures we have available to us, and I guess it helps that its only been translated once, but there's a certain... ease, to reading the Book of Mormon that I don't get from other books of scripture. 

Now Im playing a bit of catch up with these blog posts and I will hopefully get them out within a few days of each other but I really wanted to have a week to week post here to share all of the ideas I had and have, as I teach "Come Follow Me" this year to my family.

Now just a refresher so that you can understand what ages of kids I'm aiming my lessons towards, I have 8 and 6 year old girls, and 3 and 18 month old boys. Now most of the time (if I can help it) my 18 month old is napping while I give my CFM lessons, so I won't share many ideas for that age group. But I will mention books and toys I do use to entertain him while I teach, if he is with us. 

Many of the resources I use come from The Red Headed Hostess. You can purchase a monthly subscription with them for approx. $14 AUD with which you have access to their Come Follow Me Lesson Helps each week. They also provide so many extra resources, such as the Come Follow Me Study Pages, General Conference, Easter and Christmas Packs and the list goes on. Or you can buy CFM Lesson Helps individually for approx $6 each week. I find The Red Headed Hostess packs are more appropriate for older children as they pose more questions and reading and writing activities, but can still be adapted for young children. There is also a great number of activities included and the weekly lessons are split into 3 or 4 different lesson options, giving you an array of teaching principles to choose from.

I also use resources from Colorly Love who also have a monthly subscription for approx. $7 AUD, with which you receive 1 monthly pack each month, with 1 activity for each week. Colorly Loves packs are simpler and include activities that are perfect for young children. The pictures are large and engaging and come in coloured and black and white options. 

Most of the physical resources I use, the books, activity cards, figurines ect. are from my online store and are available for purchase at Home Centred Learning

Of course we always have our Book of Mormons with us, we have a Book of Mormon Heirloom Edition that we use as a family, its big and the words are easier to read for my 6 year old who is still working on her reading skills. There is also lots of diagrams and pictures and has been such a great resource. I purchased this version from Lehi's Tent in Brisbane, right next to the Temple. My middle two, 6 and 3, have a simple Paperback Version that they can "Mark" as much as they like and my 8 year old received a nice Quad for her 8th birthday. 

We also use the Come Follow Me - Individual and Families Manual and a bunch of other books we have collected along the way, but I will let you know what they are and where we got them from as they come up. Feel free to through any questions and comments you may have in the comment boxes below and I will get back to you! 

I'm so excited to share all of these exciting lesson ideas with you and I hope they help you bring your Come Follow Me lessons come to life an really engage your family!


Kelli-Anne Gourley

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