Old Testament Study Guide for Kids and Youth



Help your children ages 7-13+ learn the special stories in the Old Testament with this Old Testament Book for Kids and Youth.  This book is filled with activities and illustrations that will help them learn and connect with each story and hero in the Old Testament.

As you flip through the pages you will see a wonderful blend of scripture tips (such as background, context, and scripture marking ideas) and hands-on activities.  Every week includes a different activity that is focused on nurturing testimonies while also having fun.

About this book:

⁃Coincides with the Come, Follow Me schedule.  Therefore, not every chapter is included, but they will still experience a comprehensive study of the Old Testament.

⁃Weekly introduction that includes context, background, tips, and scripture marking ideas.

⁃Filled with many fun, hands-on, and engaging activities.

⁃Designed to nurture testimonies.

⁃Filled with beautiful illustrations and art.

⁃Spiral bound so it can lie flat, making it easier to write.

⁃Note booking pages each week to help your child dive deeper into what they are studying.  These pages can be used however they wish, but we give them ideas to help!  They can paste art, write, draw, make goals, write a favorite phrase, etc.  These pages allow them to slow down and think about what they are learning.

⁃A treasure in the making.