Mother/Son Pass Back-and-Forth Journal

Would you like to know what your son might say if he was prompted to write about:

– “One of My Funniest Memories in Life…”
– “Some of My Heroes Are…”
–  “My Favorite Homemade Meals Are…”
– “Three Things That I Know Are True…”
– “Today I Feel Like Telling You About…”
– “My Favorite Family Traditions Are …”
– “A Scripture That Gives Me Strength…”
– “Some of the Best Advice I Have Ever Been Given…”
– “15 Things I Want to Do With You” – A Bucket List
– ” I Feel Close to God When…”

This mother/son journal has over 100 writing prompts to help you use writing, doodling, and drawing to strengthen your relationship and create a lasting treasure together.  There are duplicate or complimentary prompts for both mother and son, so after one writes he or she can leave the journal on a desk, bed, or other place for the other to find, read, and then respond to his or her own prompt.  The prompts are a combination of silly, fun, insightful, as well as opportunities to leave lasting counsel for your son to remember.