Revealed : A Children's Revelation Journal


Revealed - A Personal Revelation Journal for Children is a beautiful, colorful journal that will help tiny hands and hearts to record, reflect upon, and remember the times the Lord speaks to him or her. 

We’ve created a short explanation tailored specifically for children of who the Holy Ghost is, what blessings come from hearing AND recording our promptings, and how to recognize the fruits of the Spirit. 

Each beautiful, colored journaling page gives your child or teen a place to record how their personal revelation came to them, and a place to draw and write what they learned. Each journal entry then becomes a beautiful and personal teaching tool for how we can each learn to Hear Him! We’ve also included several pages dedicated solely to gratitude journaling – another great exercise in seeing ways the Lord has blessed us!

Ideal for baptism gifts, primary birthday gifts, and beyond, this journal will become a precious keepsake for your child for years to come. And when paired with our REVEALED journal for adults, it can be a memorable way for the whole family to share and teach each other how the Lord speaks to them. 

*Cover design available in two options: Blue + Fish or Pink + Flowers. 

8x10 Journal
Perfect Bound with Soft Cardstock Cover
100 Total Pages - 75 Revelation Pages/16 Gratitude Pages