Mother/Daughter Pass Back-and-Forth Journal


Would you like to know what your daughter might say if she was prompted to write about:

– “One of My Funniest Memories in Life…”
– “What I Hope My Future Husband is Like…”
–  “My Favorite Homemade Meals Are…”
– “Three Things That I Know Are True…”
– “Today I Feel Like Telling You About…”
– “Some of My Life Dreams…”
– “A Scripture That Gives Me Strength…”
– “Some of the Best Advice I Have Ever Been Given…”
– “15 Things I Want to Do With You” – A Bucket List
– ” I Feel Close to God When…”

This mother/daughter journal has over 100 writing prompts to help you use writing, doodling, and drawing to strengthen your relationship and create a lasting treasure together.  There are duplicate or complimentary prompts for both mother and daughter, so after one writes she can leave the journal for the other to find, read, and then respond to a prompt of her choice. The prompts are a combination of silly, fun, insightful and meaningful and provide opportunities to leave lasting counsel for your daughter to remember.